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Our guest welcome basketArriving late at night or very early in the morning?  Order a welcome basket to suit your arrival time be it breakfast, sun downers or a late night snack.  Check out our standard offers or ask us about a personalised basket.

Simply send us your requirements via the contact form below and we will add this to your reservation and send you an updated summary.  You can cancel any welcome basket up until 48 hours before arrival. 


Standard Welcome - €35
Bread (loaf), Butter (125g), Cheese (200g), Ham (200g), Paté (100g), Water (1.5 ltr), Tea (10 sachets), Coffee (1 sachets), Milk (1 ltr), "Vinho Verde" White Wine (750ml), Fruit Selection (approx. 1.5kg)

Cascais de Gusto Basket - €45
Bread (loaf), Presunto (150g), Paté (100g), Regional cheese selection (approx. 200g), Melba Toast & Crackers, Red Douro Region Wine (750ml), Fruit Selection (approx. 1.5kg), Portuguese Preserve with Pine Nuts (typical), Tea/Coffee (10 sachets), Milk (1 ltr), Water (1.5 ltr)

Romantica Basket - €60
Chocolate Fondue Set, Chocolate, Fruit Selection (approx. 1.5kg), Marshmallows, Champagne Brut, 6 Red Roses, 6 Tea Light Candles 

Celebrations & Surprises
Celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding, important date?  We can prepare your surprise celebration for you for when you arrive or for any other day during your stay.  Balloons, banners, cake, a home delivered meal... ask us for more information.

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